At Giant Gymnastics, we are very pleased to say we foster a very successful, and enjoyable competitive gymnastics program. Our Competitive Developmental Program (CDP) ranging in ages from 6-17 is fed through our developmental and pre-team programs throughout our club which range from age 5-14.

Giant Gymnastics has a team of 37 CDP members, and over 50 pre-team members in our developmental programs. Competing internationally is one thing that sets us apart from most Ontario clubs, as majority of our competitions take place in the Minnesota area. Our team attends 5 competitions a year, and has the privilege of travelling to places such as Arizona, Florida, South Carolina etc.

We are focused on creating an environment that allows each and every athlete to grow and prosper to the best of their ability, as we know each child is different. Whether your child wants a 10 hour program and 3 competitions a year, or a 25 hour program and 6 competitions a year we have the spot for them!

Come check out the CDP team in action any Monday, Wednesday or Friday from 3:30-7:45, for a fun jam-packed practice experience!

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