Parent & Babes (6 Months to Walking) – 30 minute class
Adult accompaniment required. This program is designed for the parent and child to socialize, exercise and explore the gym through play.

Bouncy Babes (Walking to Age 2) – 30 minute class
Adult accompaniment required.  In this class children explore different ways to move in play. Excellent for developing motor skills and spatial awareness, Bouncy Babes introduces children to climbing, hanging,running, jumping, rolling and more. It also begins to teach the structure of gymnastics classes with the help of an adult.

Bouncy Bugs (Age 2) – 45 minute class
Adult accompaniment required.  This class introduces your child to gymnastics through aerobics, elementary tumbling, swinging, jumping, balancing, stretching and group activities. This class helps to develop motor skills and spatial awareness, while also familiarizing children to the structure of classes to prepare them for classes without adult help in the future.

Jumpin’ Gyminies (Age 3) – 45 minute class)
Now old enough to participate without a parent, our coaches will lead your child through a fun, structured program. Jumpin’ Gyminies will start progressing through our in-house level system which focuses on fundamental movements, body positions and basic gymnastics, and having lots of fun while they are at it!